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    Orthopaedics, also called orthopaedic surgery, is the medical specialty that deals with the preservation and restoration of the function of the bone system and its associated structures: the spine and other bones, joints, and muscles.

    Types of orthopaedic services:

    Arthroscopic operations

    Knees include meniscectomy or meniscus repair; arthroscopic reconstruction operations for lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament, posterior cruciate ligament, and collateral ligaments, as well as combined ligament lesions; arthroscopic micro fracture or osteochondral cartilage transplant for cartilage lesions, while an arthroscopic repair is performed for a dislocated shoulder, sub acromial involvement syndrome; osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint; excision and repair of labral tear; cartilage operations and rotator cuff repair.

    Shoulder and elbow surgery

    Is the arthroscopic and open surgical management of shoulder and elbow osteoarthritis, rotator cuff diseases, recurrent dislocations, diseases secondary to overload or trauma.

    Gonarthrosis and hip osteoarthritis

    Hip-knee prostheses, revision surgeries for infected prostheses and laxity, and large reconstructive per acetabular and tibia bone surgeries, can be treated by Turkish orthopaedic doctors without any problems.

    Limb surgery mainly deals with leg or arm extension operations, while bone deformities, fracture failure, bone infections, and external fixator applications are also areas of interest.