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    Steps in the treatment process

    01. Visit the Axis Med website

    On the Axis Med website you can find information about doctors, or available treatments, itineraries, recovery period, benefits or even risks, patient testimonials, and useful information about the treatment you will choose (Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Interventions, Bariatric Surgery, Hair Implant, Dentistry and Dental Treatments, Orthopaedics, or any other medical treatments you may be interested in).

    02. Contact us!

    At Axis Med, we are at your disposal 24/7, with all the information you will need during the process. Our qualified medical staff can determine with your doctor if you are eligible for the desired medical treatment or procedure.

    You will be instructed to complete a Medical History Sheet, and you will send the necessary medical pictures or reports, which will be strictly evaluated by the specialists in the chosen field. 

    Subsequently, you will receive the appropriate and personalized treatment plan for your needs; together with the cost of your medical treatment package, adapted to your unique requirements. 

    03. Reservation of medical treatment

    Once you have received all the necessary information and explanations, and you agree with the treatment plan, the package of medical services, and their price, you can choose the desired date for your medical procedure, with the help of the Axis Med team.

    It is so easy to secure the desired date or period for your medical treatment. All you have to do is confirm the date, together with the Axis Med team, and purchase your plane tickets, depending on the agreed dates.

    04. Medical Travel

    As soon as you have decided on all the arrangements regarding the date of the desired medical treatment, and you have sent us your itinerary, the reservation of your treatment has been registered, and the medical itinerary will be concretized. It includes all the information from the details of your chosen treatment, transfers, accommodation, hospital, and doctor.

    Before arrival, the Axis Med team will send you by e-mail your medical travel itinerary, with the attachment of the medical consent forms of the hospital where you will be operated on. This email will also include detailed information on preoperative indications and some practical information about your medical journey.

    Our driver will meet you at the airport with the sign with your name and drive you to the hotel.

    05. The Day of Your Medical Treatment in Turkey

    First, you will have a face-to-face consultation with your doctor. You can ask him all the questions and explain in detail your doctor’s expectations.


    After the medical consultation, you will have preoperative tests, such as blood tests. The Axis Med team will be with you during the consultation and will support you during the preoperative tests.

    Then you will have the desired treatment.

    06. Postoperative recovery

    After your treatment has been completed and you are discharged from the hospital, you will be taken to your hotel by our drivers and you will rest.

    On recovery days, the Axis Med team will be at your disposal with any information you may need.

    07. Final check and return home

    After treatment, you will stay for a while for your recovery in Turkey. You can enjoy the city during recovery, until the final hour of a post-operative medical check-up. You will have the final medical check-up with your doctor.

    Following the last medical check-up, you will be given the last post-operative indications and you will receive the medical reports necessary for the flight and the medical reports that you must give to your doctor in the country of origin.

    08. Follow-up and assistance for further care

    You’re back to your home, but we’ll keep in touch! You will be contacted regularly by the Axis Med Team who will make sure that you recover well. If you need further assistance with further care, your Axis Med team can arrange a video consultation with your doctor.


    Axis Med always aims for the well-being and satisfaction of its patients, working with doctors who are carefully selected and evaluated regularly, depending on patient satisfaction.